"G.A.S. Tape 1988"



Cassette-only release
Total time: 57:04

A Side:

1) A (27:36)

B Side:

1) B (29:28)

Credits on cassette:

Limited number

Recorded exclusivly for G.A.S.
Recorded Spring Studios, Melbourne Australia 1988.

"Listen to this tape in darkened, locked room with headphones."

Love Daevid XX


All rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved.
Unauthorised public performance broadcasting and copying of this tape prohibited. C 1982 (*)

(*) Note: The 1982 copyright date is a general Ottersongs reference and is not related to this specific release.

Notes & details:

This first Ottersongs issue of the 1988 GAS members tape had no catalogue number and no tracklist.
GAS label later reissued it with identical content and different cover.

Titles appeared on that release (added notes from me):

A Side:
- Radio Brainwave Intro/Madness: later on The Australian Years. Intro has a little bit from "Switch Doctor".
- P.E.M.S. Reggae - Daevid Allen: P.E.M.S. stands for personality, emotion, mind, soul. Unavailable elsewhere.
- South Pole: Daevid speaking to GAS members.

- Stroking the Tail of The Bird - Williamson / Allen / Smyth: excerpt from Stroking The Tail Of The Bird (Part 1).
- Daevid: Daevid speaking.
- The Happy Frog: this is a track ("Amphibian Chaff") from an album by Jean-Yves "Frog" Labat.
- Thom Speaks for Continuance  - Thom the Poet
- Song from the Bottom of a Well (part) - Kevin Ayres: from Kevin Ayer's 1972 Whatevershebringswesing lp.
- ?: Stroking The Tail Of The Bird (Part 1 excerpt) by Allen, Smyth & Williamson followed by Daevid's message.
- Tarka Music: a mix of Phillips-Williamson's Tarka (Mov. 3), Daevid's words and "21/8" (Mother Gong's W.F.M.).
- Daevid: Daevid's greetings message to GAS members.
- G' Day - Russell Hibbs & I.O.C.T. (Oz): from Invisible Opera Company of Tibet album.
- Bondi Beach: middle part is taken from "Dream Scene" (Wonderwall Music soundtrack) by George Harrison.

B Side:
- The Second Half

- Captain Capricorn: later included on Daevid Allen's The Australian Years as "Captain Capricorn Introduces...".
- Bells: the first notes of this track are heard on track 5 of Daevid Allen's The Australian Years as it fades.
- Draco Constellation: Daevid as Basil Brainwave.
- Drone (part): from "Invisible Opera Company of Tibet" intro tape. Complete on Allen's Tape Works Gas tape.
- Subvert the Dominent Paradign - Silly Symphony. From Ottersongs tape Walkabout - Silly Symphony.
- Drunken God: Allen's The Australian Years has the complete song. This tape features a slightly shorter intro.
- F Drone (part) - Allen / Williamson. From Daevid Allen's Nuclear Mystery Temple F Drone.
- Messages: middle part includes a bit from Odd Acts Event Gas tape with Lady jane singing to "O' Sole Mio".
- Monthly Energy: includes a bit from nazi WW2 speech "nicht vergessen" also on MotherGong Robot Woman 3.
- I Feel Like Buying Something - Submarine Capt.: both are early Daevid Allen collages.
- Water: on The Australian Years. Longer on this tape but mixed with collage bits (I Feel Like/Submarine Cpt.).
- Workshops: D. Allen. Daevid speaking about the Zero Workshops" over "Water".
- Negotiate: reggae version, totally different from all other versions and unavailable elsewhere.
- Message: Daevid speaking.
- Gliss: Allen playing gliss on "Moonfields" from Tarka. Also on Histories & Mysteries Of Planet Gong
- Messages: with snippets from "But It's Really Not Real" (Nexistepas) and "Mantram Chant Of You" (You coda).

This tape was conceived as a collage of many diverse Gong Family aspects; no Gong band music here.
My copy has yellow inlay card (scans from my copy on this page), white Ottersongs labels, no release date.

It was reissued in the early 90's on G.A.S. label with same content but different cover.

You can legally download this long deleted 1988 GAS Tape from PlanetGong official website and support Gong.

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